Re-Energized, Re-Fueled and Ready To Go

It’s not a secret that I have struggled with the direction to take my writing. My readers respond best to when I am “real” and “honest” over generic and commercialized… So I have been trying to figure out what motivates me to write and why am I doing it…

It’s hard sometimes to be a home based entrepreneur, trying to stare at a computer and not having the chance to really bounce Ideas of other people and you can get into a routine of avoidance because you are tired of going it alone…

Angela Campagnoni, Oceanstone Resort

That is why I absolutely love when the blogging group I am part of  ECM Media , have our #ECMWorkshops where we pitch ideas, learn about specific topics and basically just getting to feed off the excitement and rejuvenation of why I am doing this crazy thing at all… and when I found out that our next event was going to be at Oceanstone, well I was super pumped, as you may remember from a previous article (HERE)  Oceanstone has a magic place in my heart… Lizzie and her team do such an amazing job and I can’t really explain what happens when you walk down the path to its main reception area….it’s like with every step the stress is left behind you… what an amazing surrounding to refuel in… and they gave us some pretty sweet swag to take home…

Sometimes surrounding yourself with others who are passionate about their projects can really inspire you and this wonderful group are such an inspiration and support to each other, there truly is enough abundance in this world that it is ok to support and not compete with another person trying to do the same thing… especially in the blogging world….there are SO MANY people blogging, that no one is ever going to be the same, you have to stick to your own vision and be true to yourself, put your own imprint on the cyberspace world and not worry about what the next person is doing and you will carve out your own following, there is nothing better then getting a message from someone after reading a post that says…”oh my god, I needed that” …

Angela Campagnoni, ECMMedia

Please check out what everyone else is saying about their experience as we love to promote with our blog hops…check out these other great ladies!

Angela Campagnoni, Oceanstone

XO ~ Angela

Thank you to Tanya Canam Photograpy  for coming out and providing these awesome photos

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