When a Brand Becomes Part of the Family

 Through my writing journey,  I have been approached by many different companies to try out their products, some I say yes to and then
there are some I turn down, usually because they weren’t a good fit for my readers, So when the folks at Munchkin reached out again to try out some of their products to share with my readers, I was more then willing as I had worked previously with the brand ( as some may remember when I was featured as one of their 5 Canadian Bloggers across Canada used in that fabulous baby bag giveaway as well as the help to my breast feeding dilemma with my now 4 year old after discovering their Latch bottles) …. but then the funny thing happened, after they asked me to go on to the website to choose a few things that would fit, I had no idea how many items we ALREADY had in our home that were made by Munchkin… Like the projection music box that our 4 year old can’t sleep without, to the safety items protecting our babies from home accidents (We use the beautiful Metal extending baby gate at the top of our stairway and it blends beautifully with the black wrought iron spinals on the rest of the stairwell , INFO HERE

So here are a few of the items I received that I have been using non stop…

As most of my readers know I am a work from home entrepreneur that is on the go constantly. So I was ecstatic to try the packaged set called “The Traveler” Munchkin Traveler, From Heels to HIgh Chairs

The Mirror for the car is super cute and helps with being able to see your baby when they are still rear facing. I didn’t have a need for the roll down blind since I am driving my supped up Mom Van with built in pull up blinds (so much sexier than my previous 2 door sporty car I use to drive), however I was able to use the blind in my husband’s back window of his Ram Truck so it was still put to great use. And the Another product in this package that will help you out when you’re on the go is the Travel Bottle Warmer, which plugs into your car’s “adapter” (its no longer referred to as the cigarette lighter, like it was when I had my teenager I just realized, which makes me sound 100) and, as you probably guessed, warms your bottle.

Dishes, Dishes and More Dishes… Let’s face it, Most busy mom’s don’t have time to do the dishes more than once… or like me whatever I can cram into the dish washer on that given day so I love to be loaded up with fun kiddie dishes, especially ones that are durable to survive the “I’m all done toss to the floor” moment… (for that I recommend the Stay Put Suction Bowls that literally stays in place on the tray until you life that tab on the suction cup)

However for this post I want to focus on the White Hot Line…I absolutely LOVE the line of White Hot Products they offer, where the dishes actually turn white to indicate if the temperature is too hot. We currently use both the Spoons and Bowls… the  White Hot Spoons these four colored spoons will turn white if you load them up with food that is hotter than the recommended temperature for baby food.  They Also carry bowls and plates in this same line. With these the blue strip in the middle is the indicator that changes white… brightly colored yet functional for a very important feature!Munchkin, White Hot Baby Products, From Heels to High Chairs

I recent did an article for a parenting magazine that was a review of the pre-made organic food packs ( that we refer to as the god send packs) … because yes I had the grand idea that I would boil and cook and make all of my baby food from scratch… I bought the high end gizmos…spent the day preparing, boiling, peeling, cooking…and, I did it once (my baby much like others in my family was not impressed with my cooking skills). However, it didn’t need to be as complicated as I made it…. In walks the Munchkin baby food grinder… basically what you’d imagine – load all your ingredients in and grind it up and serve! It’s also small enough that you can take it with you when you’re travelling! It’s also great to take along to a restaurant as its super easy to use.Munchkin Food Grinder, From Heels to HighChairs

Now I could continue on and on about Munchkin products, they are a staple in our home, long before I realized and long before I was asked to try out their products and that is why I am working with them on this.

They help feed my children, they keep them safe, they soothe them to sleep at night, they keep them entertained…I unknowingly had singled them out as my “go-to” partner in parenting and trusting their products to major areas of my children’s lives. My loyal readers know when I review a product I’ll be honest, I’ll tell you the ins and outs and I that love working with companies that respect that…

It’s too hard for first time parents to wade through the internet stream of “must have” products and the newest gadgets, so it means a lot to me when someone reads my stories and trusts my authenticity which is something I strive to share (especially with 18 years of parenting under my belt, so I’ve made the mistakes and I’ve shared the wins)…

Id love to hear about your favorite Munchkin products! Please me know below in the comments…

Also for more Munchkin product reviews, please be sure to also visit my product review section on the top menu!

XOXO Angela

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