The Hunt for a Solution to my Breastfeeding Dilemma ~ Solved!

As the weeks tick away bringing me closer and closer to the birth of our third daughter (due to make her appearance in May 2015), I start to worry a little about how to handle the new responsibility that is about to hit this already hectic life.

We currently are parents to two girls ages 21 months and  16 years old, my husband and I are both self-employed business owners and it’s already a struggle to balance motherhood, a new business launch (for me) and everything in-between that goes along with it.

Looking back at the anticipation of the birth of our now 21 month old, it was a renewed experience at life. It had been 14 years since the birth of my teenage daughter, and now with our second daughter on the way and me being almost 40, I had a different level of confidence and was excited about the new challenge we were going to face.

However, there was something very different about this experience I had not really taking as much stock into, at this point in my life I am self-employed, so paid maternity leave was not an option. With this my business life was adjusted to include some meeting that the baby was able to attend however this was not always an option. So in comes Daddy to take those days so I could continue to keep my business going. This meant breast feeding which was always a no brainer for me as a personal choice became a bigger issue.

After the birth of my teenage daughter that I never thought about the juggle this was going to cause, and then to top all of that scheduling I developed mastitis in one breast that made the experience both stressful and painful…so now here I was with all these new challenges and I was unsure how to handle it….then came the choice adjustments.

Breast feeding was still my number one priority however I ended up having to supplement with formula, both from the milk production level I was not achieving and the need to have a backup when away from my baby. So the bottle hunt was on…I tried SO many bottles, but with each one it was a struggle for the baby to go back easily on the breast, the bottles were stiffer and the baby was naturally coming off the bottle while moving and I am sure she was confused as to what was happening… so basically after 5-6 months I gave in and the baby went strictly onto the bottle.


Now as this pregnancy is closer to its due date I am very excited to be armed with a new tool in my baby bottle quest for the perfect transition and it’s called the Munchkin Latch Bottle.

Finally a bottle where the head actually flex’s and moves with the baby’s subtle movements to avoid breaking the latch the baby has created, much like that on a mommy’s soft breast. The flexibility within the nipple allows for the baby to put the nipple further to the baby’s palate and mimic’s breast feeding much closer than anything I have experimented with to date. The Latch is so well designed that it will allow this Mommy to incorporate bottles into my little ones routine easily and successfully when needed. And for my piece of mind it is also made of polypropylene and silicone making it BPA and phthalate-free, which is so important for obvious reason, but still adds that little extra relief when I know there are times I cannot do it the “Natural” way.


But don’t just take my word for it, there is a lot of information and mommy reviews on the Munchkin Website, including videos to teach you about this wonderfully innovative product.

Angela Campagnoni, From Heels to Highchairs

Breast feeding I have always believed to be a personal choice, and in no way do I feel the need to preach to those who choose not to. Many women have person reasons to not breast feed, so whether you choose to do so or not, this bottle system is a fabulous choice for your little one whether formula feed or breast milk fed.

I hope you all find great success with this product and I love the ability to say I have finally found a product I can endorse in this area and have great peace of mind doing it.

As an added bonus to go along with my review and blog post Munchkin is launching a contest this week for your chance to win my diaper bag full of my favorite goodies, every fashionista parent will love this package including your very own Latch bottles wrapped up in a very stylish Coach baby bag…just click on the image below to take you to the contest page, or visit their twitter page HERE good luck to all that try and please feel free to comment and share your breastfeeding stories. We mama’s need to stick together!   ( UPDATE **Contest Portion now closed)


Love and Peace

~XOXO Angela

UPDATE: After moving to Formula only,  I suggest adding a little bit of your distilled water before adding the powder as the curve shape in the bottom may get formula trapped and a little harder to dissolve when shaking…



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