In Hurried Fashion – Welcome Baby Skylar

In Hurried Fashion

Angela Campagnoni, PregnancyThroughout my last pregnancy I constantly had been heard saying how different I felt and how different the experience was from my other two pregnancies. My husband would bravely make the joke about my age (being 41 at the time and pregnant was a new highway on my road map of life) and for some parts I actually would agree with him, and of course the fact that I was chasing a two year old while being pregnant was also a new experience since my oldest girl is now 16. My last pregnancy saw me sleeping mid-afternoon and pampering myself whenever I could, however right now I talk about the bubble bath for 4 days before I actually get to have it, I have to settle for the rapid morning shower I squeeze in before Lexi wakes up and Skylar wants to be breast fed….

So with this different Pregnancy why on earth did I expect my delivery to go as smooth as the other two? With Both Mackenzie (my now almost 20 year old) and Lexi (my now 5 year old) everything delivery wise was text book, I felt labor pains, I timed them, they did the normal progression of 15-20 mins down to 5 mins and we ventured to the hospital…both times the baby was delivered within 5-8 hrs of arrival and mama was a happy camper under the influence of an epidural, a pleasant experience for all. Kenzie was born exactly in between the two due dates that I was given and Lexi was born the day before her due date…

Then along came Skylar, our beautiful new daughter Skylar Jillian Lee Born April 26th weighing exactly 8 lbs.

Angela Campagnoni, From Heels to Highchairs, Author

I laid in bed on a Saturday evening, feeling “off” no contractions and 12 days away from delivery, I mainly just felt the little bean moving, basically moving down and weighing me down with a lot of pressure…normal right? Baby moving into position equals pressure…well unfortunately maybe through my tough nature and trying to be a martyr I didn’t realize or allow myself to admit how uncomfortable the pressure was, after all, this wasn’t labor, I wasn’t feeling cramping followed by a break then more cramping, allowing me to pull out my trusty stop watch app on my phone to time everything perfectly…allowing me to look so prepared for the nurses with a detailed list of contractions…no this was just pressure, just the baby getting into position…however I didn’t fully realize just how into position she was getting…because I had another 12 days, 12 days to ensure I had my bag packed properly, 12 days to put the car seat together and properly install the base…yup….nope…not with this kid

At around 4am the pressure was literally just one big constant pain, so Troy called his Parents to come and stay with our two year old because we felt we better get this checked, most likely Braxton Hicks but still better safe than sorry…and I was feeling terrible that his parents had to drive over at 4 in the morning only to most likely be told to go home…but better just be safe, because I definitely did not feel normal.

Now of course for the entire week leading up to this day I was in bed with a horrific chest infection and basically spent 6 days coughing up things that weren’t human and had the worst raw sore throat from said coughing that I basically though I might be experiencing muscle strain, because I am NEVER sick and this illness was a doozy …

I was barely able to walk down the stairs of our split level home, Troy’s dad suggested an ambulance but I just looked at troy and said no, just get me in the truck. Troy and I piled into his truck, as we drove to the hospital I remember getting annoyed at the red lights and told him to go through them, it was 4:30 in the morning, no one was around, he was afraid to get delayed by being pulled over, I said I was pretty sure we had a good argument for anyone pulling us over…the pressure at this point was ridiculous and not stopping…

At 4:57am we pulled up to the doors of the IWK, Troy ran in and got a wheelchair and was followed out by two nurses, they must have seen something in my behavior as they completely bypassed admitting and took me upstairs, they got me into the labour and delivery room, got me partially undressed and had me up on the table…and the delivery intern basically looked at me and said “Ok so we are going to have this baby any minute now”… My look of horror and words to follow were along the line of…”WTF? I need the epidural” ….not happening, they said, there is no time and in a few pushes she’s going to be here…

Well oh my god, this was NOT my birthing plan, what do you mean no drugs, I understand LOTS of women have natural childbirth, and that’s great for them, but it’s not what I planned for or was expecting so I had a slight freak out…At one point during what felt like an ETERNITY I looked at my husband and the 5 staff in the room and said (and I quote) “I can’t do this, I’m done, you need to figure out another way to get her out”…yup a little over the top, but I’m sorry I don’t understand why women would want to put themselves through what can only be described as the burning ring of hell…by choice, especially when there are perfectly good drugs available…I honestly thought I was being ripped apart with a burning weapon (sorry if that’s TMI)… and then it was over…I expected the time to have been long passed…then they told me…8 mins… I was 8 mins in delivery…She was born at 5:08am… so there’s the math 11 minutes from arriving at the front doors to the birth of my little Angel… everything was perfect, and to be honest if I carried her for 12 more days I can’t imagine how big she would have gotten. As it was she was already bigger then my first two that were a respectable 7.10 and 7.12… Skylar was 8 pounds exactly.

So 20 minutes after arriving at the hospital, there is my Husband calling his parents to tell them they had a new Grand Daughter, needless to say, everyone was pretty surprised. Once we were admitted into the room, Troy and I looked at each other and were like, it doesn’t even feel real yet, it happened SO fast.

And then 24 hours later there I was on my way home with my new little bundle.

Now because things happened so fast the after swelling was insane and I was able to combat this over the next week with a few after birth tricks/tips my two biggest rituals were the constant use of Witch Hazel and a fabulous product that I recommend made by a Canadian Company from New Brunswick called Anointment Natural Skin Care called Post-Partum Bath Herbs.

Anointment natural skin care

Any new moms facing any after birth swelling, hemorrhoids, tearing etc I highly recommend using these two products for soothing relief. Use the witch hazel directly on your pads , you know those sexy diaper like things that you get to wear in those oh so sexy mesh panties you get from the hospital… and once you are up to it use the Post-Partum Bath Herbs in either a sits bath for relief or in the bath tub (however with the bathtub you will need to use 2 of the teabag like items)Earthwise Witch Hazel

Then as a third relief option DIY yourself a collection of frozen pad rolls. Just add a little water to pads and freeze them, use an elastic to roll them while they freeze so they are easier to use, these are best to use during the first 3-4 days when swelling is at its worst.

So now I am here with a month under my belt, my breast feeding is actually going much easier this time around ( I think my body remembers since Lexi whereas with Lexi it had been so long since the birth of my first daughter that it was basically like a first birth all over again, with Lexi I had multiple problems including blocked ducts and Mastitis … This time I haven’t experienced anything outside of a bit of tenderness within the first 4-5 days, and thank god cause all this baby does is eat , sleep and fart…lol…





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Anointment Natural Skin Care called Post-Partum Bath Herbs.

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ingredients: Sodium Chloride (sea salt/sel de mer), Avena Sativa*, Plantago Major Leaf*, Achillea Millefolium Flowers*, Calendula Officinalis Flower*, Hammelis Virginiana Leaf~ *Certified Organic ~Wildcrafted


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