Well Hello!

Angela Campagnoni

I’m not sure how you found yourself here but whatever route you took, thanks for stopping by… Much like my own life, I  took lots of different routes as well to get to this exact place I am now…. Some roads were smooth, and some were full of potholes… but each road was a lesson and where I was supposed to be in that exact moment…

My name is Angela, I’m the mom of three girls ranging from 3 to 20 and I have been writing since the creation of MSN Spaces (remember those, if you don’t your too young to be here…LOL…kidding). I’m self employed within the fashion industry, also a fashion columnist and published children’s author.

So a few years ago, I lost the biggest battle of my life….I lost my 2 door sporty car and got a minivan… yup… and at one point when my oldest was a young teenager I realised I was on my way to a soccer game full of soccer players… so I not only lost my inner rock-star self-respect but I became a minivan driving soccer mom… the fashion designer in me cried and pounded on the walls from the inside of my sole… but I had to give in…

So this is a relaunch of my previous blog and you won’t find archives going back very far, I decided that I wanted to reconnect with myself and my readers and also try to merge my personal and work life more. So with that Fashioning My Life was born.

Why Fashioning My Life? Because as the word “fashioning” indicates “the act that results in something coming to be” and isn’t that what life is? An accumulation of events getting us to the exact moment in time that we are currently living…. And the fact that a big portion of that development was within the actual fashion industry then it made sense to me.

So what is it all about? Well if you are looking for a blog with great ideas for kids, craft inspiration, beautifully curated photography, that’s FABULOUS. There are a lot of those blogs out there and I would be happy to point you in their direction to help you go find them.

Here, you might find various events about the impact of trying to run a business while juggling children, my tendency to leave things to the last minute, and sleep deprived rants about trying to be everything to everyone, imperfect parenting, poop, marriage and various other subjects that we were told not to talk about…

Hope you decide to stick around… but I understand if I lost you at minivan!